Urban Homesteaders’ Day of Action

Technically this blog is an act of piracy. Apparently someone has trademarked the phrase “urban homestead.” The application for the trademark was in 2008.

For the record, I’ve been blogging under the title Leda’s Urban Homestead since 2007, and before that published a newsletter of the same name from 1997. And never mind that the phrase has been commonly used since at least the 1970’s and there are lots of other urban homesteading sites and books out there.

If you agree that trademarking the words “urban homestead” is just not right, check out the Urban Homesteaders’ Day of Action. And you can find out the deets on how the trademark nonsense came about and how urban homesteaders are protesting here.

One thought on “Urban Homesteaders’ Day of Action

  1. I read about the whole trademark thing on GardenRant last week and I wondered when it would catch up to you! To me, you are the true Urban Homesteader!

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