Food-Swapping Tweet-Up

swapToday I went to a food swap tea party in Brooklyn, hosted by Kate and Meg. It was tremendous fun, not least because I’d only met many of the people thereĀ  on Twitter.

That’s how I originally met Kate. She tweeted a food preservation question, I answered, and eventually we got together at my place for some homemade treats. Here’s Kate with Iso at today’s party:


Put a couple dozen food-obsessed folks together, ask them to bring food, and you’re guaranteed a good time. Add the excitement of a food swap and it gets even better.

The way the gals set up the swap was that we each filled out tags with the name of what we had brought plus our name. Then several other people each wrote one of their items on the bottom of our tag, offering it in exchange for our item. Each of us got to decide which of the items offered we wanted to accept in trade. Kind of like a silent auction for edibles.

Meanwhile we sipped from an assortment of teas and munched on great food. I especially loved Liza‘s spicy chili.

The swap items ranged from pickles to sourdough starter to cookies and more. I only know a couple of people who share my food preservation “hobby,” so I was fascinated to see what kinds of pickles and preserves others had made.


I brought bread, elderberry-peach chutney, wild ginger-cranberry sauce, spicebush pear butter, and strawberry-currant preserves.

My take home loot included two kinds of pickles, soup, and Kate’s millet-oatmeal bread (I wouldn’t have guessed gluten-free bread could be this delicious).

The item I am most delighted by is half a dozen eggs from Meg’s backyard chickens. Here’s Ella checking them out after I got home.

Ella investigates Meg's eggs

Ella investigates Meg's eggs

Many thanks to Kate & Meg for coming up with the idea and hosting, and to the makers of the treats I brought home (yes, that includes the chickens)!


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2 thoughts on “Food-Swapping Tweet-Up

  1. Had so much fun with the gang. Love how we’re all coming together and doing cool things. Can’t wait for the next one!

    And thanks for the chili shout out. I can show you how to cook it anytime :)

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