Back on the Road

Yesterday I took a plane from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam, then one to JFK (where it felt very strange not to be going home from the airport to Brooklyn), and finally one here to San Francisco to visit my dad. Can you say jet lag?

The day before, while Ricky was working, I took Jessy for a walk in the woods


and bid farewell to the lush patches of mallow and white mustard I’ve been harvesting from, the pine ridge where I found the Suillus granulatus mushrooms, and the trails along which I learned some new-to-me edibles: milk thistle (Silybum marianum) –

milk-thistle-smI’d used the seeds as medicine but hadn’t tried the leaves as a salad green; navelwort (Umbilicus rupestris)

and Eryngium creticum, those last two introduced to me two days earlier by a new foraging buddy I met via FB.


It was a balmy morning, far too warm for the winter jacket I’d put on. Hard to believe that less than a week before we were romping in the snow.



There were several odds and ends of kitchen projects to wrap up:

The shelled and ground acorns that had been cold water leaching in the reservoir tank of one of the toilets for a week needed to be dried out and turned into flour. I didn’t have enough time left to make anything with the acorn flour, so it traveled with me to San Francisco. I feel bad because I think the tannins from the acorns permanently stained R’s toilet bowl with a dark brown stripe. I’ll spare you the visual.

There was the heap of firm baby cucumbers that we’d bought the day before at the souk. I followed through on my promise to turn them into refrigerator pickles.

I made lamb stew.

I checked the olives I’d foraged and started dry salt curing 5 weeks earlier and they weren’t quite ready yet. I packed them in some fresh salt.

I ran out of time before showing Ricky how to turn the eggplants (yes, they grow there even in January) into baba ganoush. Maybe I can do that via Skype video? Definitely not the same as in person, but maybe better than nothing.

And then it was time to go.

r-and-jessy-smRicky and Jessy

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